Referral Programme

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Referral Programme

Refer A Friend + program is a Loyalty Referral Program allows customers and their friends to sign up more friends for referral.

Once you are Tuas Power’s customer, you can refer more friends to enjoy an additional $20 bill rebate for each successful online referral program sign-up using your referral code!

You will receive $20, $10 or $5 referral rebates, depending on the referral tier. You can view your referral bonus credited to you in T+ Privilege portal.

Here’s an example of how the Referral+ works:

Tier 1: When you refer your friend Alice (Tier 1), you will get $20.

Tier 2: When Alice refers her friend Bernice, you will get $10.

Tier 3: When Bernice refers another friend Calvin, you will get $5.

It’s a multiplying effect so refer more and earn more!

The referral rebate is valid only for new sign up and is not valid for renewal.

Your Referral Code can be found in your Welcome Email, Confirmation of Transfer Email or the T+ Privilege portal.

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