Electricity Plans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Electricity Plans

PowerFIX is a fixed rate plan that let you enjoy price certainty with fixed electricity rates for your contract period.

So even if the regulated tariff rates fluctuate, your fixed rate does not, assuring you price certainty for the long run!

PowerDO is a discount-off tariff plan that offers a percentage discount off the regulated tariff. No matter how the regulated tariff fluctuates, you are guaranteed savings!

Tuas Power offers PowerDO (Discount off SP-Tariff Price Plans) and PowerFIX (Fixed Price Plans).

Depending on your lifestyle and usage habits, you might want to check out the plans available to choose your preferred plans.

We have both Standard and Non-Standard Plans as part of providing a variety to suit different customers.

Our price plans for fixed rates (18 and 36-month contracts) are classified as Non-Standard Plans due to 2 main reasons:

  1. The contract duration is not the EMA standard of 6, 12 or 24 months. Some customers might prefer a different contract duration, so Tuas Power provides for these customers.
  2. For a Standard Product’s Auto Renewal rate, it has to be the same product type as the initial contract (for e.g. When you have signed a Discount Off Tariff Plan, you will renew as a Discount Off Tariff Plan). For Auto Renewal rates for a Non-Standard Product, it need not follow the same product type during renewal but the rates must be lower than regulated tariff at point of renewal. (e.g. When you have signed a Fixed Plan, you can renew to a Fixed or Discount Off Tariff plan).

All of our residential electricity price plans absorb carbon tax!

All our standard and non-standard price plans are inclusive of all applicable charges.

If you intend to change to another plan before your initial contract expires, an early termination fee of S$200 is applicable.

If you intend to switch plans during your renewal period, you can inform us on the date to start your preferred electricity plan at least 1-month in advance so we can help you make the arrangements.

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