At Tuas Power, your privacy is important. Therefore as of 1 Sept 2019 (Sun), in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), we will cease the collection and use of full NRIC details for verification.

Since the NRIC is a unique identifier, customers will be required to enter their full NRIC for a one-time verification, during a new/ renewal plan sign-up only as a part of ensuring a valid entry. However, the NRIC details will not be collected as a whole. The collection of the NRIC is limited to the last 4 characters.

We will continue to ensure that your data is secured and is in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore (PDPC)’s advisory guidelines on NRIC numbers. As part of fulfilling our obligations to the regulations, we will no longer be keeping copies of your NRIC or your NRIC numbers.

Should you need to reach out to us on your electricity plans, we will be verifying you with your name and last 4 characters of your NRIC (e.g SXXXX168H) or using your mobile details.

If you do not have a mobile number linked to your account, please register your mobile number with us by login @ https://savewithtuas.com/t-members/ or contact us at 6838 6888.

For enquiries pertaining to the above, please contact us at 68386888 or email us at cuscare@tuaspower.com.sg.