Helpie FAQ

Getting Started

  • What are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)?

    RECs represent “green” electricity, produced by harnessing energy from nature (from the sun, wind, and water), in the form of certificates measured in megawatt-hours (MWh) where 1 REC = 1 MWh.

    Each REC embodies all the renewable energy attributes of the power generated from a certified renewable source and governed by an industry recognised Standard.

  • Where is my renewable energy coming from if I sign up for PowerFIX 12 REC?

    The RECs purchased (and retired) by Tuas Power under our PowerFIX 12 REC plan are generated by green energy sources around the region of Southeast Asia. The carbon emissions from your electricity consumption at home will hence be offset against renewable energy production from these renewable sources.

  • Why is PowerFIX 12 REC plan fixed rate is higher than the standard electricity plan?

    PowerFIX 12 REC rate higher than our other electricity plans because it considers the cost of RECs purchased to offset the CO2 emission of your home. By choosing PowerFIX 12 REC plan, you are making a green difference for our environment and helping build a cleaner future for the planet.

  • How will I know if Tuas Power has purchased RECs equivalent to my electricity consumption?

    Tuas Power will retire all RECs on behalf of consumers at the end of their contract period. In our email to your registered email address with us, we will provide you with details such as serial number, date of claim and approximate equivalent RECs claimed.