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I am moving to a new house, can I transfer my Agreement with Tuas Power to my new premise?

February 23, 2023, Written by 0 comment

You do not need to terminate the existing contract if you are moving house as we will port over your contract to your new address. There will be no charges for the port over. However, if you do decide to terminate the contract, there will be a $200 charge.

As for procedure, please terminate your utilities account with SP Group and open a new account for your new premise.

Submit your relocation request via T+ Privilege customer portal or e-mail us your old and new premise addresses with the following supporting documents for new premise 1 month in advance before your move.
a. SP Utilities Bill or SP Account Opening Confirmation Letter for new premise.
b. Tenancy Agreement (if renting).

Homes excluded from the transfer are as follows:
a. New premise is registering under a non-domestic account.
b. New premise is under solar/PV scheme. (i.e. solar panels installed)

Tuas Power will put in the transfer request to SP so that your contract can be transferred and continued at your new premise.


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