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eGIRO stands for Electronic GIRO. It is a nationwide digital initiative that fully digitises the GIRO application process. It aims to significantly reduce the GIRO set-up turnaround time, providing customers a much more efficient and convenient payment method.

The current manual paper-based GIRO applications may take up to 8 weeks to complete due to processing time between Tuas Power and the banks.

Customers often find it a hassle to arrange separate, manual payments for their first invoice when their paper GIRO application is still pending approval.

Should their paper GIRO application be rejected, they will have to submit a fresh application which results in further delay all over again.

Applying for eGIRO reduces the processing time to less than 48 hours, bringing about greater convenience and efficiency for all customers.

Customers may apply via Tuas Power website and simply specify their designated bank for the payment through eGIRO

Customers can only create an eGIRO instruction via Tuas Power website. Application through participating bank is currently not available.

No worries! The good news is that currently, customers will not be charged for creating an eGIRO instruction via Tuas Power website.

Tuas Power understands the importance of data security. Rest assured that there are stringent security measures put in place to safeguard customers personal data that passes through eGIRO. Customers’ data is encrypted.

Only the bank and Tuas Power that customers have authorised to receive their data is able to decrypt the data to execute the transactions that were requested. The authentication and authorisation process are underpinned by banks’ 2FA and Transaction Signing.

eGIRO is currently not replacing paper GIRO. Customers may visit this website to set up recurring payment via e-GIRO.

There are 8 eGIRO participating banks:

e-GIRO participating banks Corporate bank account Personal/Retail bank account
Bank of China Yes Yes
DBS Bank
Yes Yes
Industrial and
Commercial Bank
of China (ICBC)
No Yes
Maybank Yes Yes
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp (OCBC) Yes Yes
 Standard Chartered Bank No Yes
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) No Yes
United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) Yes Yes
Bank of China (BOC) Yes Yes

Reference: The Association of Banks in Singapore

If customers do not own a corporate bank account, they may use their personal bank account for the participating banks as indicated.

Not sure how to complete the eGIRO setup? Simply refer to the respective guidelines by the designated bank linked above.

Customers should contact their designated bank if they require any further assistance.

Setting up an eGIRO is easy and quick. Simply follow the steps below!

  1. Select eGIRO as payment mode on Tuas Power website and fill in the relevant details.
  2. Ensure that the eGIRO setup has been authorised by the designated personnel within 48 hours. (Only
    applicable if customer is applying under a Corporate bank account*)
  3. Once the customer clicks on “Apply now”, the designated bank’s internet banking login page will be
    launched, for the customer’s secure log in with his or her user ID & password.
  4. Customers should select the bank account that they wish to make payment from to complete their eGIRO
    setup and submit their application.
  5. Customers will be redirected back to Tuas Power website to view their submission status. They will
    receive confirmation from the bank and Tuas Power within 48 hours informing them of their application status.

Please do note that once submitted, customers will not be able to amend existing eGIRO instructions via Tuas Power website. However, if they wish, they may initiate a cancellation through their Internet Banking Portal before resubmitting a new eGIRO set-up.

This differs from bank to bank. Some banks allow the customer to select his or her desired end date during the eGIRO setup process, however, other banks do not offer this option. If that is the case, by default, the eGIRO application will be valid for 1 year from the day of approval.

Fret not! If customers do encounter error during the application process, they can try to clear their browser’s cache or use a different browser. Customers may also try to restart their computer or mobile phone if necessary. If the problem persists, please contact us at our CusCare Hotline at 6838 5565 or contact their selected bank for assistance.

Each eGIRO application is for one premise address that has a unique TPS Account Number. If a customer has multiple
premises with Tuas Power, the customer will have to submit different eGIRO application for different premises.

Customers should receive an email or text message from Tuas Power and/or their selected bank within 48 hours to view their eGIRO application status.

Customers can view their eGIRO submission status when they are redirected back to the Tuas Power website after completing the setup.

  • If the application was submitted successfully, customers will see a screen that indicates “EGIRO
  • If the application was not submitted successfully, they will see a screen that indicates “EGIRO SUBMISSION FAILURE”. In the latter case, customers will have to resubmit a fresh application.

There are a few reasons why the customer’s eGIRO application was not submitted successfully.

  1. No approval from authorisers to complete eGIRO setup
  2. Inactive for a long time
  3. Window has been closed before finishing the eGIRO setup
  4. Incomplete application setup via the banking portal

In the case where a customer’s eGIRO application has been rejected, Tuas Power will send an email informing the customer of the rejection of application and the respective reason.
Do not worry as customers will also be guided on the next steps and will have to submit a fresh application accordingly.

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