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About Tuas Power

Electricity Savings for offices

are here to Stay


Electricity Savings for offices
are here to Stay

Our History

Tuas Power has been generating electricity for Singapore since 1995, and is the current market leader in the commercial industry. We are also one of Singapore’s leading power generation companies and a key provider of energy solutions, multi-utilities and environmental services.

Tuas Power Supply is the electricity retail arm of Tuas Power Generation. Incorporated in June 2000, Tuas Power Supply is a leading player in the liberalized Singapore electricity market.

Tuas Power Generation

Our Commercial Clients

We provide a range of electricity solutions to help customers better manage fluctuating wholesale electricity prices and match their energy requirements.

Being the first retailer to secure electricity contracts as the market liberalized, we continue to be an innovative electricity solutions provider by being the first to launch an energy efficiency program for its customers.

Tuas Power Supply is proud to be the forerunner in the complex and highly sophisticated landlord-tenant segment. Today, Tuas Power is a familiar name among businesses in Singapore, well-known for their professionalism and reliable electricity-related services.

Our Footsteps into Residential Homes

Tuas Power Supply is proud to be one of the authorized retailers offering electricity plans to the Jurong households in lieu of the soft launch of the Open Electricity Market. The full launch have occurred during the second half of 2018, which all households in Singapore is able to opt for their preferred electricity retailer today.

The option to choose an alternative retailer for electricity is catching on fast. Tuas Power is one of the consumer’s top choices for the Open Electricity Market, as we offer a hassle-free experience as you continue receiving the same SP Services’ Bill with lower electricity rates.

With years of reliable electricity supply and experience in the field, we look forward to helping you generate greater electricity savings for your homes!